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What is Gailumed?

Since our inception, Gailumed has been totally focused on building a quality and responsible practice.

Our technicians are the best

Gailumed is a consultancy specialized in regulatory affairs for companies and professionals that provides technical advisory services on the regulation of medical devices, IVD and biocides in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.​


This project was born from the combination of experience, innovation and passion of a team that has professionals with more than 15 years in the sector and with the energy of young professionals.

We take care of the regulatory processes of companies and professionals at a national and international level, putting at your disposal all our experience and our expert staff in regulatory matters, providing the "Know How" in the commercialization of medical devices, IVD, and biocides for different industries.


Our objective is to facilitate the regulatory affairs of your company by taking care of the regulatory processes for the commercialization of your medical devices, IVD and biocide products.

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