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Trading MD Services

Our presence in Spain and Portugal places us as the ideal strategic area to establish commercial bridges between Europe and Latin America.


Whether you want to introduce your medical devices IVD and biocide products in Latin America or if you are looking to tap into the European market from Latin America in Spain or Portugal, we will work with you so that the sale of your products is done in accordance with current local regulations.

We put at your disposal our knowledge of the sector and our commercial relationships in the medical device market to facilitate access to the purchase and sale of medical devices that comply with the quality standards and regulatory processes established by the health authorities. If you are interested in buying or selling sanitary material for distribution in different markets, contact us and we will study your project to offer you the best option.


We have started our journey addressing the large Brazilian market through our “PARTNER-OFFICE” established in São Paolo. We have an expert team in Business Development with more than 14 years of experience in the medical device industry that has extensive knowledge in the registration and certification processes required by ANVISA (Brazilian Regulatory Agency) and in the introduction of innovative products in the Brazilian market from various countries. We propose to accompany your company from the beginning, including registration, distribution, as well as marketing and sales strategies. Our goal is to make sure you reach yours. How do we do it? Analysis of the Regulatory strategy We analyze the most appropriate way to promote and register your products in the Brazilian market. Market analysis We offer an overview of the market for the product line you want to market. Searching oof best distributors for your product We contact and interview distributors throughout our network based on company results. Support for local management We give the necessary support in the development of the project from our location in São Paolo, providing our “KNOW HOW” of the Brazilian market. Advantages of working with GAILUMED Analysis of the Regulatory strategy All information in the Regulatory Area is provided from a strategic point of view, including costs and benefits of each scenario and planning. Market analysis Complete study of costs that includes, among others, import costs, national average prices, competition (if it exists and, failing that, on similar products) and procedures by State. Searching oof best distributors for your product We avoid cold calling based on Google searches, websites and other types of media without guarantees. Our experience in the market and the local culture make us the negotiators you need to reach the most appropriate agreements for your company. Support for local management Knowledge of language and culture. Constant support to distributor management with the use of tools with which they are familiar, face-to-face visits and constant monitoring. In Latin America there is no common market, so depending on the geographical location where you want to develop your business, the situation will be different, we will advise you on current regulations. ​ Tell us about your project and we will help you achieve your goals!


As we are in EEC (European Economic Community), introducing your products through Spain or Portugal gives you access to the rest of the member countries, for this it is essential to have the CE marked certificate for each of your products. To successfully market Active Principles and / or Medical Devices in Spain and Portugal, it is necessary to know the market and the requirements that local health authorities demand. The main market in both countries is that of public health and to address it it is essential to know the volume of business it generates. ​ That is why we have partnered with our "Partner" (leader in public procurement in Spain and Portugal) to design a joint strategy and provide solutions to all phases of the project, offering a global service with guarantees for marketing in Spain and Portugal.

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